Objects as catalysts, intimacy and display, loss and renewal, and ritual behaviors guide van Dooren’s work. In the main gallery, the eponymous installation continues the artist’s interest in creating personally symbolic environments and states that offer the viewer multiple lines of inquiry and approach.

cult of the fall (2015) offers a selection of new components combined with redacted and reconfigured elements sourced from van Dooren’s earlier structures and installations. These fragments are positioned on the floor and embellished to create a foundation for continued growth. Smoke- and incense-impregnated glass hovers above, a transformation of the exhausted scraps and remainders from drawings and studio ephemera. As a semi-functional studio workspace, cult of the fall bears errant marks and traces of use as well as a hazy evocation of private ritual, one that is approached through shared physical structures and the viewer’s navigation and pause.

Lending support to the central installation are selections of works on paper, as drawing remains an integral component to the larger system of van Dooren’s practice. One group begins as plans, thoughts, or notations, only to lose their way as secondary compositions take over. A second group operates as surface translations: direct graphite or pigment rubbings taken from the various textured elements on view in the main gallery. These two groups extend cult of the fall’s logic as both input and output to create a looped system of readings. Repeating patterns and surface meditations typify the final process-based group, and omits direct reference points in favor of drawings that function as moments of calm or repose.

In the back gallery, the exhibition’s reduced palette encounters a disruption in the form of scuff light (2015), a damaged screen that filters degraded rays onto portions of the gallery walls.

In total, cult of the fall exhibits a generous and subtle layering of information. Balanced by van Dooren’s idiosyncratic decisions and inclusive strategies, references shift and morph while meaning remains where it should —— at arm’s length.