A consummate digital draftsman and blogger, Moody paints polymorphous biomorphs and pens trenchant criticism with polymathic aplomb. Here, Moody’s work evokes underground comix styles, graffiti, and modernist painting. Or, as described by the artist, Original PNGs is:

“A series of drawings made with open source paint applications and printed on paper. The software apps, with names like Chibi Paint, Krita, and MyPaint are often used for online fan art. Here I’m treating them as found processes with inherent virtues, limitations, and quirks to be explored. Made with a tablet and stylus, the drawings struggle between inherited notions of artistic dexterity and the default labor-saving functions built into software. In the frictionless world of 1s and 0s what does it even mean to struggle? ‘PNGs’ in the title refers to the preferred output file format for these apps. The PNG is a lightly compressed image that can be read in any browser. Here, a collection of ‘original PNGs’ are preserved for gallery display. A recent animated GIF will also be on view.”