The paintings in Rapid Cycle depict waves in different formations – rising, leaning, merging into each other, crashing onto themselves. They evolved from working with fragmented landscape imagery but mark a shift into a more figurative and cosmic territory.

This transition happened over the last year as I saw my father struggle with health issues and absorbed the aftermath of the election. Last winter I began reading some introductory physics books and connected with their poetic descriptions of time and space. The feeling of smallness brought on by mortality and politics had a different quality against the backdrop of the universe.

This interior shift resonated with the imagery I was working with and expanded on a previous interest in collective symbols and Jungian archetypes. The paintings in Rapid Cycle contain elements that appear often in my work: bodily forms experienced as vessels of water, rainbows as containers for limited human sight, the sun and moon as signifiers of time, and waves as expressions of energy.

-written by Jessica Cannon (2017)